• Modern Building Construction

    We build to customer taste!

  • Stylish Kitchen Finishing

    Our finishing job are per excellent!

  • Solid Concrete Work

    Our concrete works are solid and unique!

Welcome to Darryark

Darryark was established in 2005 as a construction company in Nigeria. Our expertise has been put into the construction of modern homes for our clients across various destinations.

Our commitment to excellent delivery had resulted in the execution of renowned projects for all our clients.


Construction of modern building

At Darryark Nigeria Limited, we take your building conception from design to a modern structure. We’ve executed various projects for different clients across Nigeria.

We would be delighted to construct your new home. Check out our project galleries for past construction work.

Design of modern architecture

The beauty of every building lies in its design. We don’t only construct building, we take up the responsibility of designing buildings to the taste of our client. We offer various design options which ranges across building types such as bungalow, duplex, etc.

Excavation of construction site

Prior to erecting any building, we offer the service of excavating construction site in order to ensure smooth project implementation. At a convenient price range, we would ensure your site are cleared.