About Us

We are Darryark! We take building from design conception to modern homes, while leveraging on our years of experience and expertise.


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Darryark construction

We are delighted to have you on our website. Darryark is a renown construction company established in 2005. With 15 years experience in building construction, we’ve help many of our clients design and develop a dream home in various location across Nigeria. Our expertise ranges from Architectural design to Structural building and by extension putting a finishing touches to building in order to ensure  modern taste.

Please, be free to drop your email should you require any further enquiry.

Arcitectural design

Stage 1.

We design your dram home.


Stage 2. 

We excavate your site for smooth construction preparation

Building Construction

Stage 3

We take your building from sketch to reality, by implementing your project from start to finishing stage.

Our story

Our story has been a mixture of variety of seasons. The experience from those seasons make us who we are, as an expertise in construction industry. Our project implementation are quality driven with long years of durability. Over the period of time, we’ve helped various client who had challenges in the implementation of  their projects. 

In instances where some of our clients almost gave up the hope of having a dream home, we stepped in to offer suitable solution which ranges from  market price architectural design to relatively cost effective building project. We offer the best and convenient quotation for every clients to ensure their dream home are achieved.